The Dawn of My Chaos-How did I become so Disorganized?

How did it get this bad? How to become DIS organized


What is wrong with me?

     My life wasn’t always this disorganized. I used to do certain things on certain days every single week, in addition to my daily things. For example, cleaning on Saturday. If a day off would change, I would figure out a different day to deal with that certain task.

     Would you believe, I’ve lived in the same house for 20 years!?  As things have changed in my life, so has the type of disorganization I suffer, which of course causes my inability to conquer the clutter.

      When my husband and I first moved in, it was just the two of us and our pets. We bought a small 3 bedroom ranch with a ‘partially finished’ (loaded with black mold in the panelling of the finished walls, we found out years later) basement.

      We THOUGHT that was a lot of room!

       Did you know that when you buy a house at a young age and don’t have any furniture, you get a lot of hand me down furniture?  Yeah, well, you do…..but that’s another story for another day.

     Up until that time, I had always lived in various smallish apartments, the last few having had very small bedrooms for me, so I didn’t own much stuff.  I did, however, have a tendency to accumulate clutter despite that. Of course with a much “bigger” living space, there’s plenty of places to “put” clutter. So, my biggest concern was just basic cleaning on a daily or weekly basis.

Was I born Organized? 

     Definitely not!  Growing up, I always had to give myself routines, and map out the times to do things like chores and homework, because I wanted as much free time as possible.

    My mom and sister would tell you that I went bed at 8:55 every night for a while when i was about 8 years old. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, and i really believed that if I went to bed 5 minutes earlier, I would fall asleep better and wake up on time.

     Of course that never worked and I went through a few more weird stints like that, eventually giving up and going to bed later as I got older.
     Back to my need for routines. I can remember, as a teenager, I would come home from school, and I had a routine.  My chores (some of which were my own ideas)  were to do the dishes, get my mom’s coffee pot ready, then IRON my clothes for the next day (yes I even ironed my jeans!).  Then I would do homework. If I had any time before my mom and sister got home, I would read, listen to Bon Jovi, or watch MTV-totally an 80’s girl.

This was especially the case when I lived on the edge of the town. Being far away from my school friends, I essentially had NO life). mtvpic Still a fan!!


How Did Routines Help Me?

This little routine, when finished, made it so I’d be free for the rest of the night! Being free meant I could watch all my shows on TV before going to bed.

I remember thinking it was maybe a little strange that I was this particular about doing things.  I even kept it a secret from everyone that I planned out what I would be wearing each day. This was written in a tiny hidden notebook, so no one would know I was crazy.

Now, what I wouldn’t GIVE to have the peace of mind of having every day’s outfit already picked out!!! Of course I’m pretty sure my outfits don’t look like this today!

green legwarmers
Yeah I wore that!

So, my NEED for organization has always been there, however, my distractibility causes organizing to take a back seat. “Squirrel!” Yes, it’s that easy.  The slightest distraction and I’m off track for the entire day.

Are you easily distracted? What systems have worked for you in overcoming the mess of a disorganized life? Have you found the coolest printable for outfit planning? Let me know!

This is close to what I try to do with my outfits, when I do plan them out, put them together on Sunday, and hang them in order by day. How did I become so disorganized


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