Who is Mary? What is this about Clutter?

Hi! I’m Mary, a Working Mama of 2 kids, one driving, one just becoming a teen, and both driving me Crazy!

I work full-time in Technology, and tend to be organized at work, but when I get home, that is another story.

At home, I am drowning in clutter, or at least it feels that way, considering how organized I used to be, before children and regular Chaos took over!

I used to have it under control, I think!

My family likes to remind me that as a child, I set my own bedtime of  8:55 so I would fall asleep by 9. This never worked because I was such a nervous ninny, I couldn’t fall asleep. As a teenager, I had a set routine for the morning, after school and evening, of my own creation. My mom didn’t have to tell me to finish my homework because it was done before she came home from work.   Yes it sounds pathetic and yes I had friends, but I also had time for my crazy routines. I call these routines crazy now, because I can barely get out the door on time everyday! Housework, who has time for that?

This blog will be my attempt at becoming organized, figuring out how some time management solutions, and sharing my findings with you.

We will explore different Lifehacks, printable lists, and routines and see what works, and what doesn’t. Plus, by writing and getting all of my thoughts OUT here, I may be able to clear some of what is cluttering my mind!?

A girl can dream!

But first! As is my mind cluttered way, I often get sidetracked. Starting a blog has allowed me to utilize my many tech skills, reminding me just how much I love to play around with graphics, printables, and just plain being creative. I have also learned so many new things, I just have to share them with you. So join me on this crazy ride, and you just might learn something too!


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