7 Hacks for Busy Moms

7 hacks for busy moms

7 Hacks for Busy MomsKarate, Soccer, Softball, Oh My!

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Do you feel like you never stop? Are you always on the go, busy getting the kids to their activities, like Karate, Soccer Practice and Dance class?

I always feel like I’m starting something all day long, and never finishing, because we are out the door again, off to the next activity. It’s no wonder my head is such a cluttered mess! Here are 7 hacks for busy moms, so you can steal back some time for you while helping your kids do what they enjoy!


7 Hacks for busy moms
  1. If you have friends at these activities, take this time to sit back, relax, and socialize! Connecting with fellow moms, and having an adult conversation, can be rejuvenating.  Sharing stories, and discussing our shared daily struggles, is like free therapy.7 hacks for busy moms

  2. Read an inspirational book, like Tell Your Time, by Amy Lynn Andrews, for example. It’s a quick read, but of course, I haven’t finished it yet because I get distracted easily

  3. If you tend to sit in the car, due to lack of space in the waiting room, listen to a podcast, audio book, or rock out to some cool 80’s music! You can also bring a financial toolbox (like this one), and get some bills paid.7 hacks for busy moms

    4. If they have free wifi, take advantage, catch up on emails, blogging, work on your google calendar, and scheduling activities, etc.

    www.marysclutter.comRead about why I love Google calendar!

    5. If they don’t have wi-fi, grab a pen and paper, your planner, bullet journal, or regular journal and figure out what has to be put into the calendar for the coming month’s activities, appointments, etc.

    6. While actually driving, help your son or daughter with spelling words, multiplication tables, or ABC’s- depending on their age.

    7. Call your mother, she would love to hear from you, or do like I do-send her silly snapchats! (Yes Mom, I know my face will get stuck like that!)

    7 hacks for busy moms

    So if you are like me and you feel like you live in your car, constantly on the go, and not accomplishing much else, maybe these 7 hacks will help you. I always bring something  with me and try to utilize the time as much as I can.

    What do you do when you have one of those crazy on the go days? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment about any hacks you have come up with to help you get stuff done while on the go!

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