3 Reasons I Love Amazon For Holiday Shopping


www.marysclutter.com It’s November…..

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So, I don’t want to say this, but I have to face the facts

Although it still feels like Summer in New England in October, if you go into any stores you would think it was winter already! Yup, you know what I’m gonna say, right? Christmas is coming (but wait, did I miss Independence day? Halloween??)

Over the years, especially as my kids got older, I have developed a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Christmas. These feelings are caused by many factors, the first one being how overly “retailed” this holiday has become. Also, with older kids, I don’t get to see that look of magical excitement on their faces on Christmas morning.

Oh, they are excited, but only to see IF they got what was on their wishlist, or if they got enough cash!

Let us not forget that Christmas is a RELIGIOUS holiday. You wouldn’t know by walking into a store the day after Halloween or ON Thanksgiving. (I personally cannot get up enough energy to shop after all that eating!)

So, due to the fact that I cannot avoid this holiday, I must find easier ways to get my Christmas shopping done and try to find a way to actually ENJOY the season.

What? Did somebody say SHOPPING? I love shopping!

And what do I love More than shopping? Online shopping!! Particularly on AMAZON!!!

There are so many reasons why I consider Amazon.com one of these best places to shop online!

For today I’ll just tell you 3 major reasons why I love Amazon so much.

1) Shareable Wish Lists

This one is so good for Christmas! I’ve used it for years, I have the kids create their own wish list and then I check it of course before I share it with anyone to make sure there’s nothing ridiculous on there.  (It has happened!)

This is great when you have family that lives out of town and still wants to ship presents so the kids have something to open.  No gift wrap options necessary, just have them ship to your house, then you can put it aside, wrap it. Then you can video the kids as they open it on Christmas morning and send it to your loved ones.

My sister and I also use this, and not just for birthdays.

She’ll be telling me about some new product she’s trying and how wonderful it is and she may even text me the link and then a week later I’ll say to her “What was that face wash you were telling me about?” (True story- it was this one and it is amazing!!)

We have discovered that it’s better if we put these things on our wish list and when one of us wants to try it we can just go to the each other’s wish list and buy it from there. (Bonus- their list IS also a good birthday gift resource!) You just need to share your list, and lucky for you, it is very easy to share a wishlist!

How to share a wishlist:

You just need to go to Amazon, log in, go to accounts and lists, click on the list you want to share, you will see a little envelope icon with the word share, you click on that and type in the person’s email address and they will get a link to your list in their inbox.

Once they’ve clicked on the link, your list will be stored in their Amazon account for them to reference. To get to a friend’s list, go to the tab that says friends and click on the list with their name on it.

How to share an amazon wishlist

If you have a large family or a few out-of-state nieces or nephews it’s great to keep that list all year long and just have their parents remember to update it.  When you need to buy a quick gift for a birthday or at Christmas time you could just head over to that child’s list.

Wish lists are also fun just to have for yourself.  You can keep them private and add anything you want to it.  This is great if you’re comparing prices on something you need to buy in the future and you just want to keep track of where you saw it at what price etc.

I even keep one for my Kindle list so if I see Kindle books that I want, I add them to my list and if they go on sale, I get a notification. These wish lists are along the lines of when you register for a baby shower or a wedding. I think you can even do that on Amazon too.

www.marysclutter.comThis way you don’t have to feel funny when someone asks you what you want for your birthday or what you want for Christmas they can choose whatever they want to get you. You don’t have to feel like you gave them too many expensive ideas as long as you put a variety of things on your list. Speaking of which, I’m going to share with you one of mine. (This is not a REAL wishlist, I purposely put it together for this post,  but let’s face it it’s not difficult to come up with a  wish list, especially when you doing it for fun) http://a.co/jkYCBby (not an affiliate link, just an example)

Yes I have this camera a lot of my lists, and of course no one in my family has won the lottery or even caught on that I want this camera and besides, it’s way out of anybody’s price range but it’s there to remind ME, in case  I win the lottery, I’ll buy myself one and one for everybody in the family.
 Are there even any affordable versions of this camera?

(Affliate links, read the full disclosure policy here.)

2) Prime

The second Reason I Love Amazon so much- Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime means 2-day shipping and not getting charged outrageous shipping or feeling like you have to spend so much money in order to get free shipping.

You know what it’s like when you’re trying to shop for one thing but if you spend a certain amount of money, you get free shipping?

So you add on things that you may not need just to get that extra in there. Or you place an order and you think you remember everything and then the next day your son reminds you that he needs something for school or he just found something on Amazon that’s on sale.  You think if I would have added that to my order I would have gotten free shipping right?

With Amazon Prime, you can just order that one thing, if it’s eligible for Prime, you don’t pay to ship and you could get it in 2 days if it’s in stock!www.marysclutter.com

Now, there is a fee for Amazon Prime, but it’s only once a year! 

I finally got ahead of myself and divided the fee up by 12 months and put aside $8 every two weeks when I get paid so that I can pay it off right away.

I’m sure there’s lots of controversy around this idea like is it really worth it?  I just love having the convenience of being able to order anything with no shipping. Not every item is eligible for Prime, but I find that most of what I buy is. 

Prime isn’t just FREE 2-day shipping, there are many other benefits!

There’s also Amazon Music (On-demand, ad-free music streaming), Amazon Video (Prime includes popular movies and TV shows), and Prime Reading (Unlimited reading on any device) just to name a few!

Other companies are now trying to compete with Amazon and have similar bonuses. For example, Walmart has a lot of items that are eligible for 2-day shipping. I noticed they also have this available for food items, while Amazon’s equivalent would be Amazon Fresh. (Sadly, not available in my area yet). Occasionally I shop at Walmart.com also, it just depends on what I need more of, and where it is available. 

Amazon is my favorite, and I only see them getting better. However, If anything could be changed, the yearly price could be lowered, or more items eligible for Prime.

3) Subscribe and Save

Ok so this one has nothing to do with Christmas, but the one thing every Mama needs-Convenience!

Setting up your Subscribe and save is Extremely easy.

You just need to go to Amazon, log in, go to my account, then Subscribe and save.

OR while you are shopping, certain items will have a subscribe and save option, you can just click on that. It will then have you set up your subscribe and save details. Then boom, stuff you need shows up right around when you need it.

Some suggestions on what to use this for-dog food, cat food, cat litter, pur filter, Toilet paper, soap, etc.


Are you an Amazon addict, too? Tell me all about it in the comments!  If you do not have Prime, you must try it out, you won’t be sorry! With Christmas just around the corner, this is the best time to do it, especially with a Prime free trial

Get your holiday shopping done and be sure to get things on time!!

What are you waiting for, go make and share some wish lists!!! I have to go read some reviews on the Amazon Echo and see if I should put it on my List …….



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